Agriculture Minister Encourages Farmers to Utilize Government Support

Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare, Dr Aishath Rameela, has urged farmers to take advantage of opportunities provided by the government during a visit to Hanimaadhoo, Haa Dhaalu Atoll. The minister’s visit coincided with the inauguration of the Vertical Farming Pilot Project.

During a meeting with farmers, Dr Rameela discussed the challenges they face and outlined ways to expand agriculture on the islands. She emphasized the availability of new farming methods and the potential to utilize the existing agricultural centre in Hanimaadhoo for support services. The minister encouraged participation in training programs and information sessions. She highlighted government support programs, including assistance in obtaining loans for those seeking to establish agricultural businesses.

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Farmers raised concerns about the local availability and high cost of plant fertilizers and medicines. They also cited difficulties in accessing mud and finding viable channels to sell their produce. Expressing a desire for greater financial assistance and access to modern agricultural practices, farmers appealed to the government for support in securing profitable returns for their crops.

In response to these concerns, the minister underscored that 30 plots in Hanimaadhoo have been designated for agriculture. She also engaged in discussions with the Hanimaadhoo Council to explore ways to strengthen the island’s Agriculture Center and expand agricultural activities. The council expressed interest in receiving assistance to implement a greenery project on the island.

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