Ahmed Zeenad Appointed as Managing Director of HDFC

The Housing Development Financing Corporation (HDFC) has announced the appointment of Ahmed Zeenad as its new Managing Director. Zeenad brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this crucial role, having previously served as the Managing Director of the SME Development Finance Corporation (SDFC).

During his tenure at the SDFC, which was established in 2019 by the previous administration, Zeenad played a crucial role in fostering the growth of small businesses. His strategic vision and commitment to supporting entrepreneurs contributed significantly to the SDFC’s success.

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Zeenad’s five-year stint at the SDFC allowed him to gain valuable insights into the financial landscape of the Maldives. His leadership and dedication were instrumental in creating an enabling environment for small enterprises to thrive.

Educated at Australia’s Curtin University, Zeenad holds a Master’s degree in Finance. His academic background, combined with practical experience, equips him well for the challenges ahead at HDFC.

Prior to his role at the SDFC, Zeenad held senior positions at the Bank of Maldives and the Maldives Finance Leasing Company (MFLC). His multifaceted experience in the financial sector positions him as a capable leader who can steer HDFC toward continued growth and stability.

The appointment of Ahmed Zeenad underscores HDFC’s commitment to effective financial management and sustainable development.

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