AI and Technology Key to Maldives’ Future, says President Muizzu

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives has unveiled a comprehensive plan for the nation’s future during his address at the World Governments Summit 2024 in Dubai. The President’s vision centers on sustainable economic development, environmental protection, and technological advancement.

President Muizzu opened his speech by praising the UAE’s leadership in promoting strong governance and partnerships. He outlined key development projects under the “Visitor Economy Concept”, including a central maritime port with a free zone, the expansion of Velana International Airport, and the integration of northern atoll development with international shipping routes.

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The President further emphasized the government’s commitment to using technology and artificial intelligence to boost productivity and business growth. He reiterated plans to promote paperless e-government platforms and integrate AI into various services.

Alongside economic development, President Muizzu highlighted the Maldives’ dedication to environmental sustainability, noting the launch of the Ras Malé Eco-City project. This initiative focuses on improving urban living standards with 65,000 housing units and aims to set new benchmarks for sustainability. He also announced plans for developing urban centers across the country.

Addressing the Maldives’ environmental vulnerability, the President stressed the urgency of global action on climate change. He outlined the government’s targets to increase renewable energy, establish biosphere reserves, plant millions of trees, explore vertical farming, prioritize climate resilience, and implement a long-term development plan.

In conclusion, President Muizzu underlined the importance of international cooperation for sustainable development. He expressed the Maldives’ willingness to collaborate and share knowledge with other nations, working towards mutual success and shared priorities.

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