Air India Commences Scheduled Flights to Maldives

Air India, the flag carrier airline of India will resume scheduled flights to the Maldives from 25th of August. The airline will be operating a flight once a week on every Tuesday, according to Villa Travels.

Recently, Maldives and India have agreed to establish an Air Bubble between the 2 countries. This is the first Air Bubble established in South Asia. With this, regular scheduled flights will commence between the two countries, enabling the further strengthening of the traditionally strong people-to-people contact.

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While Maldives made a record by welcoming 1.7 million tourists in 2019, the Indian market took second place among the top 10 markets in 2019. The Indian market was at 5th place in 2018 with 66,955 tourists and they jumped to the 2nd position with a whopping 166,030 tourist arrivals in 2019. India showed the highest growth rate with 83.5% in 2019.

According to a forecast made earlier this year, if the slow growth of the Chinese market continues, the Indian market will surpass the Chinese market to become the largest market for Maldives tourism industry.

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