Al-Azhar University offers Maldives 5 scholarships in medicine and engineering

Al-Azhar University has offered 5 scholarships in areas of medicine and engineering to the Maldives.

The offer was presented during a meeting held by the Minister of State for Education Mohamed Riyaz and Principal of Arabiyya School Mohamed Shujau with the Imam of Al-Azhar University as part of their official trip to Egypt.

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The university and the Imam were briefed on the educational programs currently being held and the books at present required by Arabiyya School during the meeting.

Education Ministry has revealed that Al-Azhar University’s decision to provide students of Arabiyya School with digital textbooks they currently use.

Further to this, Al-Azhar University will also offer hard copies of the books. In addition to donating the books, logistics and the packaging of the book will also be borne by Al-Azhar University.

The university sends books and teachers to Arabiyya School every year.

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