Al Shaali Confirmed as Main Sponsor of Marine Expo Virtual Edition

Al Shaali Marine Maldives has been confirmed as the main sponsor of the Marine Expo Virtual Edition this year.

The Marine Expo is an event for marine-related businesses to exhibit their products and services. This year, the event will be held virtually from the 20th to 22nd of this month. While Al Shaali has been confirmed as the main sponsor for this year’s Marine Expo, the company was also a core sponsor for last year’s event as well.

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Al Shaali Marine Maldives is one of the most prominent companies in the Maldivian marine and boat manufacturing industry. Over the years, Al Shaali has won a number of awards for its commendable product quality, continuing to prove itself in both local and global markets.

In last year’s Marine Expo, Al Shaali won the award for ‘Most Innovative Product’ for its Action 25 fishing launch. Moreover, in the most recent Boating Award ceremony, Al Shaali won three awards for its fiber vessels, including:

  • Best Production Fiber Vessel 5-10 Meter Award (Al Shaali’s Action 25)
  • Best Production Fiber Vessel 10-15 Meter Award (Al Shaali’s Coast Craft 38 Plus)
  • Best Production Fiber Vessel 15-45 Meter Award (Al Shaali’s Island Hopper 50)

Al Shaali Marine Maldives is a joint venture between Al Shaali Marine Dubai and Coastline Investments Pvt Ltd, Maldives. The main branch of AS Marine in UAE was established in 1979 and is considered to be the pioneer of fiberglass boats and yacht manufacturers in the Middle East. Al Shaali Marine Maldives has been serving the Maldives for more than a decade.

The company manufactures a wide range of fiber vessels such as speed boats, local dhonis, and dinghies that can be customized to satisfy customers’ requirements both locally and overseas. Al Shaali also provides boat repairs and refurbishments of boat structures and systems, with a wide range of boat types and brands, providing maximum satisfaction to its customers.

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