Al Shaali Marine launches a new speed boat | Canary 24 Plus

Canary 24 Plus

Al Shaali Marine launches a new commercial product aimed at locals and guesthouse businesses called the new Canary 24 Plus, the sister companion of the Canary Watersports (which is a power boat).

The Canary 24, as suggested is 24ft in length and is designed for intra atoll travel and for local speedboat ferry service. It can seat 15 people including the passenger and crew. It is a small boat designed for short distance travel in a short amount of time. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, it can easily put up with the forces of nature and the engine that can be fitted on it.

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The speedboat currently priced at RF 395,000 without the engine. Speaking exclusively to Corporate Maldives, Operations Manager of Al Shaali Marine, Mr. Ismail Shareef stated that the company provides a full consultancy service from designing a boat to choosing its engine, safety and even registration and insurance for interested parties. “We also give out a one-year warranty on the hull as well,” he added.

The Canary 24 is aimed at fast travel and Al Shaali hopes that this would benefit local businesses especially guest houses with the transfer of tourists to and from locations easily with the uttermost safety. A speed boat is considered a necessity by many businesses in a country with a majority of its territory being the ocean.

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