Algorithmics Maldives Opened in Malé City

Algorithmics Maldives has been inaugurated by First Lady Fazna Ahmed. First Lady was accompanied by the Hon. Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology Aminath Shauna at the ceremony.

Algorithmics is a Global Network of Coding Schools for Kids from 6-17 years-old teaching Visual Programming, Python and Game Design. Algorithmics provide education of the future. Programming is the skill of the 21st century. Algorithmics teaches children how to build computer programs; but more importantly, we develop children’s logical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.

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Algorithmics combines offline and online education to teach children from 6 to 17 years old. Our team consists of professionals who love children and want to make learning simple, exciting, and fun. At Algorithmics, they help children take their first steps in STEM and the institution wants children to learn skills that will help them in the future.

The students can create video games, cartoons, and IT projects. They acquire skills in critical thinking and logical reasoning, presentation skills and project planning, teamwork, communication skills and more. No matter who they grow up to be, no matter what profession they choose later, these children will take advantage of what they learn with them. The school offers courses where the children learn creative and logical thinking, how to work in teams and much more in an exciting and playful way.

Currently there are over 300 000 graduates worldwide in 77 countries.

Algorithmics helps children develop academic skills applicable to any grade level, in addition to building critical life skills like organization, perseverance and problem-solving. Introducing children to a world of algorithms, bugs and queues also develops their analytical skills, encourages collaboration and nurtures children’s creativity.

In addition, 90% of today’s workforce requires some basic knowledge of IT. Even if a child doesn’t go on to code professionally, employers highly value computer science knowledge.

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