Alila Kothaifaru Holds Blood Donation Drive

Alila Kothaifaru, a member of the Hyatt portfolio, recently concluded a blood donation campaign as part of its Global Month of Service initiative. This initiative collaborated with the Madhuvaree Health Center and Maldives Blood Service.

The campaign, named “Donate Blood, Save a Life,” aimed to reflect the Hyatt brand’s core values of empathy and service.

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“As part of the Hyatt family, we recognize the significance of corporate social responsibility. The overwhelming response to our blood donation campaign underscores our belief in the power of collective action for meaningful change,” said Alila Kothaifaru General Manager, Thomas Weber.

Mr. Rif-ath Fareed, Director of HR at Alila Kothaifaru, praised the teamwork behind the campaign and expressed gratitude for team members’ enthusiastic participation.

He stated, “Our Global Month of Service initiative embodies Hyatt’s commitment to compassion and solidarity. The success of our blood donation drive speaks volumes about the generosity and goodwill of all involved.”

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