Allied celebrates 33 years

Allied celebrates 33 years of providing insurance services to the Maldives.

Establish in 1985, Allied was a joint venture between United Kingdom’s Commercial Union Insurance and State Trading Organization (STO). Allied employees a majority of locals in the financial sector.

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Managing Director of Allied Insurance, Mr Ahmed Ameel, stated that Allied had an insurance capacity of USD 70 million three years back, and now they have increased their insurance capacity to USD 120 million. Ameel also stated that Allied Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the Indian Ocean.


Allied has introduced a number of insurance packages for all sectors. They have introduced insurance packages catering for families as well as individuals.

Allied’s services will be available online through their website, regardless of where you are globally.


Allied Insurance has raised the bar in the field for their competitors and has provided many new packages to various sectors in the Maldives.

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