Allied Insurance Celebrates 36 Years of Service

Allied Insurance Company has yesterday celebrated its 36th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its company journey.

In 1985, Allied Insurance Company started off as a joint venture between Commercial Union Assurance Company, UK and State Trading Organization (STO), the nationwide leader of all commercial activities in Maldives. In early 1987, STO bought back shares of Commercial Union Assurance chartering Allied Insurance to continue doing the business as a subsidiary of the organization.

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Today with a local management, the company is one of the largest financial institutes and insurance brands contributing to the growth and development of the country.

“The coronavirus outbreak during the past year burdened all individuals and businesses and continues to affect us,” said Managing Director of Allied Insurance, Mohamed Shafaz in his address on the occasion of the anniversary. “But I cannot be prouder to affirm that we managed to remap our operating path to make our services easily accessible online during this pandemic. Whilst on the experimental method of work-from-home ourselves, we provided all our services online and launched new products and services with matching nationwide campaigns suitable for the new normal.”

Just in time for the company’s anniversary, Allied Insurance has also announced the launch of its new and improved website yesterday.

You can now visit for a more interactive experience.

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