Allied Insurance to Host First Clubhouse Event as Part of ‘Rakkaavethibiyya’ Series

Allied Insurance Company has announced the launching of the company’s first event on the popular drop-in social audio application, Clubhouse.

The event, which is the first edition of Allied’s “Rakkaavethibiyya” series, will be held on Wednesday, 25th August at 2030 hrs. The interactive information session will focus on Fire Insurance / Home Content and Contractors All Risk Insurance. The panelists will consist of insurance experts from Allied, as well as a guest speaker from MNDF.

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According to Allied Insurance, the aim of this initiative is to provide verified information about insurance to the general public on as wide a scale as possible. By using modern digital technologies and platforms such as Clubhouse, Allied aims to interact and engage with community members to gain greater insight and feedback.

Allied Insurance invites any and all interested participants to take part in this event.

To join the event, visit this link:

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