Alzheimer’s Society of Maldives inaugurated

Alzheimer’s Society of Maldives (ASM) was officially inaugurated during a special ceremony held on Thursday at Treetop Hospital.

ASM is an initiative by the caregivers and family members of Mohamed Aboobakuru (famously known as “Baadee Lhathuthu”) who is a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s Disease. Prior to his retirement, he honorably served the Maldives National Security Service for many years.

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Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of State for Health, Dr. Shah Abdulla Mahir said “Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are debilitating conditions for the patients as well as for their families. We must do more to diagnose and treat these patients. Families and caregivers must be supported. The government will work with NGOs to formulate policies to provide a support network and care for people suffering from this disease. We will also extend support to NGOs to increase awareness within the community.”

Minister of State for Health, Dr. Shah Abdulla Mahir

The aim of ASM is to promote and create awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease and related medical conditions and to provide support and care to families and persons impacting from Alzheimer’s disease.

The initiative also intends to lobby the government to make Alzheimer’s disease a major health priority and conduct research to find means of better care.

In order to create public awareness, ASM are planning to conduct media campaigns, awareness programs and public lectures around the country.

The NGO has also stated that they will be providing training and psychological support to caregivers and plans to establish a day-care and information centre for Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers.

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