Amana Takaful to distribute Interim Dividend this year as well

With the increase in profits this year, Amana Takaful has decided to distribute interim dividend, for the second time this year.

In a PR statement released by Amana Takaful, it was stated that the ten months of this year has been very profitable and they would giving out 5% of their profits as dividends this time to the shareholders.

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The company has made MVR 3.1 million in profits and has released more than MVR 25.9 million as insurance claims to its customers. Just as 2016 Amana Takaful has distributed dividends last year as well. Last year it was once every 6 months and was done so as their profits rose by 26% upto MVR 39.9 million.

Though the company has faced a loss of MVR 720,499 but the company is confident that they can turn this around in the last business quarter of the year. Amana Takaful has been one of the largest players in the shari’ah compliant insurance and have recently purchased 5% of Maldives Islamic Bank’s stock.

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