Applications Open for CSO’s for Miyaheli 2022 Focusing on Innovation for People, Planet & Prosperity

UNDP Maldives together with Ooredoo and its partners have run ‘Miyaheli’, a social innovation camp since 2016 to date to empower youth and to encourage social innovation. Miyaheli has focused on social innovation by youth in its previous cycles and each year the winning teams are provided with grant funding to launch the pilot phase of the project for a period of six months.

The 2022 Miyaheli Social Innovation Challenge will call on innovation solutions under the theme ‘People, Planet and Prosperity’. This theme focuses on the call for action for the sustainable development goals through innovative solutions to create a prosperous future for the people and planet. The social innovation challenge encourages participants to develop solutions to empower the vulnerable through increased opportunities, accessibility, and inclusivity; solutions that focus on better practices – for a better planet – focusing on science-based ideas that could on tackling environmental and social issues and solutions to improve the everyday lives of those living in Maldives through a creative solution or concept which includes concepts that integrate employment and livelihood opportunities.

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Unlike previous years, the 2022 social innovation challenge will be open for Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s).

The social innovation platform will provide the space for interested CSO’s to collaborate and co-create solutions to address social issues in their immediate communities. The tools and skills that will be covered through the Miyaheli 2022 will provide CSO’s with additional knowledge and guidance from mentors and facilitators to elevate their ideas. Their ideas can be refined to identify the key social change they would like to bring with consideration for the sustainability of the project and its impact on the community. The Miyaheli Social Innovation Challenge would encourage CSO’s to go beyond the regular activities of the organizations and explore innovative solutions. Winning CSO’s will be able to pilot their visions with the support of grant funding for social innovation projects and explore further opportunities to scale their projects.

13 CSOs will be selected to attend the Miyaheli Camp out of which 3 CSO’s will receive the winning grant to pilot their innovative solutions. Seed funding of MVR 300,000 and mentorship will be provided to the three winners in accordance with their proposed budget and requirements, so that the ideas can continue to prosper and make a difference. From the grants awarded 2 of the grants will be reserved for CSO’s based outside of the greater Male’ region where a majority of CSO’s operate.


Miyaheli 2022 will be hosted for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). All registered CSOs across the Maldives are encouraged to submit their expression of interest to participate in Miyaheli 2022.

Miyaheli 2022 will host a maximum of 3 representatives from each selected CSO consisting of the president/chairperson/board member, secretary general/executive director/CEO, and a dedicated program staff of the respective CSO.


‘Miyaheli’ camp will be held from 17 to 20 November 2022. 


Camp venue will be disclosed to the successful applicants closer to date.  All costs incurred to travel for the camp including accommodation and meals during the camp will be covered by UNDP.  Expenses of CSO’s travelling from islands outside Greater Male’ region will also be covered by UNDP.


Call for applications are now open for social innovation camp ‘Miyaheli’ 2022. The theme this year is ‘Innovation for People, Planet and Prosperity’. The deadline for submission of applications is 11:59 pm on 02 November 2022.  

CSOs are expected to apply for Miyaheli with an innovative idea to bring solutions to social issues in the Maldives. While it is not required for CSOs to have a complete solution it is expected that CSOs consider and provide relevant information such as the problem and suggested solution, target audience, impact and sustainability of the project.

Brief descriptions to such information should be provided at the application stage. Shortlisted CSOs will then develop the idea with the support of facilitators and mentors further during the Miyaheli camp.

Interested participants can apply to be a part of Miyaheli at:


Selection Criteria can be found at:


Further information regarding the application process: |

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