Asia Pacific Blue Economy Forum to Address Sustainable Coastal Development

Photo: Sebastian Pena Lambarri

The Ministry of Economic Development, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is set to co-host the Asia Pacific Blue Economy Forum. Scheduled for 13-14th May, the forum aims to delve into the planning and execution of a new economic paradigm centered around coastal sustainability. Co-hosted by the Maldives, the event sees collaboration from the Ministry of Economic Development, UNDP, and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.

Minister of Economic Development, Mohammed Saeed, expressed pride in the Maldives’ role as a co-host of the forum, as conveyed in a recent X post. He underscored the significance of practical outcomes stemming from the forum’s deliberations, anticipating tangible actions to follow.

Representatives from countries within the UNDP Climate Finance Network are expected to grace the forum, with over 100 participants hailing from 12 nations. The gathering aims to foster dialogue and collaboration on sustainable coastal development strategies, a critical component of which is the concept of the blue economy.

The term “blue economy” encapsulates the sustainable utilization of coastal resources and environmental systems, aimed at fostering economic prosperity, enhancing quality of life, and generating employment opportunities. Encompassing a spectrum of sectors including renewable energy, fisheries, maritime transportation, climate resilience, and waste management, the blue economy emerges as a multifaceted approach to harnessing the potential of coastal regions while preserving their ecological integrity.

Through engaging discussions and knowledge-sharing, the Asia Pacific Blue Economy Forum endeavors to chart a course towards inclusive and environmentally conscious economic growth across the region. As stakeholders converge to exchange insights and best practices, the forum represents a pivotal step towards realizing a sustainable future for coastal communities.

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