Astrabon Introduces Credit Scheme for Resorts and Guesthouses

As the Maldives prepares to open the country for tourists and resorts get ready to resume operations, Astrabon has launched a credit scheme allowing resorts to availing credit facilities for up to 3 months. The scheme is also open for guest houses and safari vessel operators.

Commenting on the scheme, CEO of Astrabon Pvt Ltd, Yoosuf Riffath said, “As a business primarily catering to the requirements of Maldives hospitality establishments, we are looking forward to resuming operations in the country and internationally. We have taken the time during lockdown to streamline our operations and come up with a credit scheme for our partners in the Maldives hospitality industry. We hope this small step on our part will help establishments to continue their services despite challenges to cash flow and will be able to offer their quality services for which the Maldives is reputed for.”

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Astrabon has also taken time during lockdown to develop a new portal that will go live later this month on A customized e-commerce platform, the website allows you to view detailed product information before placing orders.

For corporate customers, the website will drastically improve the customer experience as it allows them to browse thousands of product catalogs and videos online instead of having to visit the showroom in Male’ or request for information by email.

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