August Marks Highest Number of Tourist Arrivals for Maldives So Far in 2021!

With an average of 4,631 tourists per day, August marks the highest number of tourist arrivals so far in 2021.

According to an infographic released by Maldives Immigration, there were a total of 143,599 arrivals in August 2021. Compared to the previous month of July which saw 101,818 tourist arrivals, this is an increase of 41 percent.

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Daily average arrivals stood at 4,631 during the month. Maximum arrived on a single day was 6,083 while minimum arrived on a single day was 3,090.

The top source market for tourist arrivals during August was India by a landslide, with 54,094 arrivals. In second place was Russia with 17,069 arrivals, followed by Germany with 9,916.

Other top source markets during August included Spain, Saudi Arabia, USA, Portugal, France, UAE and South Africa.

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