Authorities to implement Malé City Streetscaping Development Plan

Authorities have been instructed to implement the Malé City Streetscaping development plan.

The newly proposed initiative ‘Malé City Streetscaping Development Plan’ will revise the streets of Malé City in a methodical manner to ensure safety and ease of access for both pedestrians and vehicles using the streets.

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Following Cabinet deliberations on the paper submitted by the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, President Solih has decided on pursuing the plan as recommended by the Cabinet. The Cabinet decided to task the execution of the plan through the Malé City Council as per the specifications on the paper.

The Malé City Streetscaping Development Plan addresses the most pressing urban issues faced by the residents of the city. The plan, worth MVR 462 million, proposes the redevelopment of streets of Malé in a methodical manner and ensures citywide development focussing on easing congestion, opening up more paths for pedestrians and encouraging walking.

The proposed plan includes a breakdown of all the streets of Malé City and improved design elements incorporated to enhance the city streets. These include dedicated parking spaces for all wards of Malé City, pilot project on public transport, integration of underground network pipelines carrying essential utility services and stormwater management system.

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