Awareness Program for Small and Middle Scale Enterprises by Customs

An awareness program has been held on 16th of March 2019, targeting the small and middle scale businesses in the Maldives by Maldives Customs Service.

The aim of the awareness program was to raise awareness of business people regarding services provided by Customs and to improve and expand the facilities of Customs with the ideas of the local business people. The views of the local businessmen would be taken into account while working on improving the amenities given by Customs as per the Commissioner General of Customs, Mr. Ahmed Numan.

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Seventeen interested parties participated in this awareness program. The processes of registration for importing and exporting goods and the process of deciding the price and declaring the products were discussed during the session. In addition to this, the Risk Management of Customs, “Hiraas Nizaam” was also discussed with the participants of the session.

The available options for payments regarding importing and exporting good were also discussed during the session. Moreover, the process of checking the goods and what the businessman should be concerned with and how to get the statistics if needed were discussed.

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