Ayady Takaful to introduce “Hajj and Umrah Takaful” Online Services

The Islamic Branch of Allied Insurance Company, Ayady Takaful introduces the online services for Hajj and Umrah Takaful. The general manager of Allied Insurance, Mr. Ibrahim Firushan mentioned in a press conference that the online platform which was created last year was made in order to make more products online to make it easier for the customers. Therefore, from today onwards, customers can access Hajj and Umrah takaful online or through Allied application.

According to Firushan, they are putting all their effort in providing customers with the most convenient services possible; therefore, they are making more products available online, where customers can access and purchase their products anytime, anywhere instead of visiting to their office every time.

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Firushan also stated that the services of Ayady Takaful will be available from Ooredoo, Bank of Maldives and Maldives Islamic Bank.

The Hajj and Umrah Takaful is an insurance package which covers the costs or losses that could arise while on the journey of Hajj or Umrah. Individuals who acquire this package are eligible to get Mrf 100,000 in return for the losses that could incur. Losses which could happen due to an accident, due to sickness, loss of passport or luggage, or any other expenses within the journey that may arise will be covered by this insurance package.

This insurance package is designed by Ayady Takaful with clear observations and making sure that it fits under the law of Shariah.

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