B. Fulhadhoo Council Allocates 26 Plots for Commercial and Economic Purposes

B. Fulhadhoo has opened 26 plots for commercial and economic purposes, according to an announcement by the Fuladhoo Council. The decision was made during the council’s general meeting on September 6, 2023.

These plots have been made available to address social issues arising from current business and economic activities conducted in limited spaces.

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The allocated land is designated for specific purposes:

  • Fibre work: 4 plots      
  • Brick laying: 3 plots 
  • Carpentry: 3 plots
  • Warehouse building: 9 plots
  • Fisheries purpose (ލަނޑާ ކެއްކުން) : 7 plots       

Most of the allotted plots range from 1,400 to 1,500 square feet, with smaller plots measuring 450 square feet. The council has set a minimum monthly rent of MVR 0.60 per square feet for these plots. The leasing process will involve evaluating bids submitted, with the plots being leased to the highest bidders.

The Fulhadhoo Council invites interested parties to submit their estimates promptly after obtaining the necessary information for a transparent leasing process.

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