Bacteria and Viruses, Begone! WYZE is Now Available at Lotus Fihaara

Lotus Fihaara is now selling two separate washes for food items, by the brand WYZE, to combat germs and viruses that may be lurking on surfaces.

The washes, ‘Veggies & Fruits Wash’ and the ‘Meat Wash’ are designed to be used on their respective food items. One cap of the wash is to be diluted in a bucket of water, after which the items can be thoroughly washed to ensure maximum cleanliness and protection.

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The ‘Veggies & Fruits Wash’ will remove soil, pesticides and chemicals, while the ‘Meat Wash’ will remove soil, dust and dirt. Both the washes are effective against bacteria and viruses.

They are available now at Lotus Fihaara on Fareedhee Magu.

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