Baglioni Hotels to open their first resort in the Maldives in March 2019

A sample Drawing of Baglioni Maldives

Baglioni Hotels of Italy is to open their first ever resort in the Maldives in March of 2019. They are the most well-known hotel company in Italy. 

According to the sources, the resort is said to be developed at Dh.Maagu. The resort has 99 villas with water villas and beach villas while having three 1230 sq meter presidential villas with private pools and jacuzzies. It also includes presidential and family villas. According to Baglioni Hotels, customers can taste Italian cuisines, International food and Japanese cuisine in this resort.

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Currently, 144 resorts are being run in the Maldives and an additional 140 different resorts are currently being developed.

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