Bangkok Airways Set to Restart Winter Flights to the Maldives

Thailand’s Bangkok Airways has announced its plans to recommence winter flights to the Maldives starting in September.

During the previous winter season, Bangkok Airways operated charter flights to the Maldives, and they are now set to resume this service, connecting Sunabami International Airport to Velana International Airport (VIA) for the upcoming winter season, running from September 1 to December 31. 

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For early birds, the airline is offering a promotional deal: Passengers who secure their bookings by 30th September can benefit from reduced rates. A round-trip ticket is set at an approximate fare of USD500.

Bangkok has emerged as a growing source market for tourists visiting the Maldives. Additionally, a significant number of Maldivians travel to Bangkok for various purposes, including business and leisure. Given these trends, the reintroduction of these flights will offer considerable convenience to travellers.

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