Bangladesh High Commission Hosts Independence and National Day 2024 Reception

The High Commission of Bangladesh to the Maldives hosted a reception on Thursday at the JEN hotel in Male’ City to mark Bangladesh’s Independence and National Day. Local Maldivian dignitaries and members of the diplomatic corps attended.

The Minister of Homeland Security and Information Technology, Ali Ihusaan, was the Guest of Honour.

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Speaking at the ceremony, the minister emphasized the enduring bond of friendship and mutual interests between Bangladesh and Maldives. He acknowledged the invaluable contributions of Bangladeshi expatriates to the development of Maldives, particularly highlighting the collaboration between the Bangladesh government and expatriates in various fields.

Among other attendees were high dignitaries of the host country, diplomats, businessmen, media personnel, Bangladeshi doctors, and members of the Bangladesh community, all coming together to commemorate the occasion.

In his address, Bangladesh High Commissioner Rear Admiral Abul Kalam Azad paid homage to the revered Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, acknowledging his pivotal role in Bangladesh’s liberation struggle and nation-building efforts. 

Moreover, Admiral Azad lauded the Maldives’ exemplary achievements in various sectors, including development, diplomacy, sports, and peace initiatives, expressing gratitude to the Maldivian President and Government for their support of the Bangladeshi expatriate community.

The reception showcased Bangladesh’s rich history, unwavering determination, and remarkable development trajectory alongside its vibrant culture, heritage, and natural beauty. Guests were treated to various Bangladeshi cuisine and other culinary delights.

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