Bank of Maldives Launches Online Fundraising Platform “Kindly by BML”

Bank of Maldives has launched ‘Kindly by BML’, the first of its kind online fundraising platform in the Maldives. The new platform was launched as part of the series of 12 high impact monthly community initiatives to celebrate the Bank’s 40th anniversary in November.

‘Kindly by BML’ is a safe, secure and user-friendly platform through which NGOs can create fundraising campaigns and accept donations to create social impact in their field of work. As a fundraiser, NGOs can create multiple campaigns, keep track of donations through easy to generate reports and promote campaigns across social media platforms. Locally registered NGOs with a minimum of 2 years in operation will be eligible to register on Kindly.

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BML’s CEO and Managing Director, Tim Sawyer commented, “We are delighted to launch the first online fundraising platform that allows the public to donate funds securely to campaigns run by NGOs. Crowdfunding is popular across the world. The idea behind Kindly is to provide a safe and secure space for both fundraisers and donors to create relevant, current campaigns and enable donations from well-wishers. Kindness goes a long way, and we hope to be an enabler of change for Maldivians through this initiative.”

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The 40th Anniversary monthly initiatives announced to date:

  • April: Upgrade of Home for People with Special Needs
  • March: Small Grants
  • February: Housing Grant
  • January: BML Startup Grant
  • December: Upgrading the National Library
  • November: BML Scholarship Fund
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