Bar2000 Introduces a Special Package

Bar2000 has announced a special package of MVR 3000. This was revealed in an Instagram post by bar2000mv, on the 27th of June.

The special package of MVR3000 consists of 1 CIAO Machine, 50 Bar2000 Coffee Pods, and 02 Bar2000 Espresso Cups.

Bar2000 claims, the CIAO Machine is a real jewel of Italian technology. The Brand-new small pod machine with an innovative & an appealing design is ideal for home use and at your workplace. The reduced wattage (400 W) ensures significant savings of electric consumption, according to Bar2000.

Bar2000 was opened by HSC Maldives Pvt. Ltd recently in Male’. It is located on the first floor of the new HSC euro outlet in Majeedhee Magu. These showroom display varieties of coffee machines ranging from domestic to commercial use.

It includes all different blends of bar2000 coffee beans, pods, and coffee accessories. HSC has previously announced that its services will include profitable packages for the coffee-loving community.

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