Barbecue Area Developed in B. Goidhoo Under BML Community Fund

With the support of BML Community Fund, Goidhoo Sports and Youth Development Society has developed a Barbecue Area in B. Goidhoo.

The space was commonly used by the community as a picnic spot, and this area has now been revamped with a hut, barbecue grills and a dining space with tables and benches. Dustbins are kept around the space to ensure proper waste management.

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“Through Community Fund, we have been able to support remarkable projects that have played a key role in the development of the islands infrastructure and helped the community engage socially. We are delighted to support Goidhoo and hope that this project contributes to a positive community spirit within the island.” stated BML’s Public Relations Manager, Mohamed Saeed.

The winner of the Community Fund proposal, Hassan Nizam, President of B. Goidhoo Sports and Youth Development Society stated “Our mission is to create a space for families to strengthen relations and bring the community together in the spirit of recreation and relaxation. Our sincere gratitude goes to Bank of Maldives and a huge thanks to the members of the society for their support to complete this project.”

Community Fund is a program to empower individuals and NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. Since the introduction of Community Fund, BML has financially supported 60 projects across the country.

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