Baros Maldives Invites Guests to Reconnect and Experience the Essence of Island Life

Because recent events have not been easy on everyone, and life has changed for many reasons, Baros offers an opportunity for guests to reconnect with what matters most. Baros invites guests to rediscover the essentials of spending quality time together in the freedom of a secluded island atmosphere.

Unique activities for couples, families or just a small group of friends have been created to promote the value of spending cherished time together and enjoy blissful relaxation for body and mind. Tailor-made itineraries promise a touch of adventure as well as learning experiences to give guests a chance to take home more than just a holiday memory.

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Baros aims to promote holidays of fulfilment benefitting guests as
well as the local community. The concept is for guests to learn about island remedies and skills, such as how Maldivians managed to live well on remote tropical islands before modern conveniences like electricity and cyber communications were introduced.

Guests can opt to observe, or even try themselves, activities such as the Ocean-to-Table BBQ dinner on a deserted sandbank. For this, fish has to be caught and prepared the old fashioned way, before being grilled on an open fire in the style of island castaways. Maldivians will demonstrate local survival skills, like how to open a coconut, cook over a fire of dried palm leaves and driftwood and how to forage for food. They will explain about local plants and island herbs.

As well as getting back to nature through this new packaged experience, guests will have plenty of time to reconnect with each other and create amazing memories during excursions throughout the atoll. Guests can explore the beautiful and ever-fascinating the underwater world around Baros, which has some of the world’s most famous spots to dive and snorkel.

This special package is designed for guests to experience the carefree simplicity of island life and to appreciate how little can mean so much, creating a welcome respite from the stress of current times.

Experience the essence of island life and book the Reconnect at Baros package now online from USD 900 (subject to applicable taxes). For nightly rates and more information, please visit or contact the team directly at or telephone +960 664 26 72.

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