BCC Announces Launch of Creator Hub to Stimulate Skilled Economy

The Business Centre Corporation (BCC) has begun work on the new Creator Hub, a project designed to accelerate the development of a skilled economy in the Maldives. At a groundbreaking ceremony held in Sultan Park, The Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mohamed Saeed, laid the foundation of the innovative facility.

The eleven-storey Creator Hub is a realisation of President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu’s vision and will provide flexible working spaces for professionals in a variety of skill-based sectors. The hub will be fitted with the necessary equipment and tools to promote optimal productivity.

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The BCC has stressed the importance of championing technical and innovative fields to build a creative economy. Communication and knowledge-sharing are seen as vital to this process. The organisation believes that providing workspaces equipped with up-to-date technological tools is essential for professionals in these sectors.

Deputy Managing Director of BCC, Saamih Adam, spoke at the Sultan Park ceremony, where he emphasised the increasing number of self-employed professionals in the Maldives. The Creator Hub is intended to boost productivity within technical and innovative fields for both domestic and international markets. It is hoped the facility will support the development of a skilled generation, thereby increasing overall economic performance and bolstering profits for small and medium-sized businesses.

FEDO Private Limited was chosen in February of last year to oversee the design and execution of the Creative Hub project. Located on a 1,500-acre site, the Creator Hub is expected to be completed within 400 days under a design-and-build policy with a projected opening date in 2025.

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