BCC Slashes Rent for SME Hub Kiosks

Photo: BCC

The Business Center Corporation (BCC) has announced a significant rent reduction for kiosks operating within the SME Hub. The 50% decrease in rent is aimed at providing financial relief to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) during the month of Ramadan.

The SME Hub currently houses 30 kiosks offering diverse local products and food items. With the rent reduction, the maximum rent will now be MVR 4,960, and the minimum rent will be MVR 3,374.

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Established by the BCC, the SME Hub provides market access for SMEs across various sectors and supports their business expansion. The hub maintains a waitlist for interested businesses seeking kiosk rental opportunities, which are allocated in waitlist order.

The BCC plays a key role in identifying challenges and development opportunities faced by SMEs, offering technical assistance to support their growth.

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