Bilateral Talks With Montenegro Aim to Strengthen Investment Cooperation

Vice President H.E. Hussain Mohamed Latheef held discussions with Montenegro’s First Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Aleksa Bečić, focusing on enhancing cooperation in tourism, fisheries, trade, and investment. The talks occurred during Vice President Latheef’s current visit to Montenegro.

Acknowledging the invitation and warm welcome, Vice President Latheef expressed that collaboration between smaller nations in multilateral forums could be mutually beneficial. He also outlined President Dr. Muizzu’s foreign policy priorities.

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First Deputy Prime Minister Bečić congratulated Vice President Latheef on President Dr Muizzu’s recent electoral success and expressed a firm desire to strengthen ties between the two countries. He briefed the Vice President on Montenegro’s ongoing efforts to strengthen democracy and pursue early EU membership.

Accompanying Vice President Latheef was H.E. Mohamed Hussain Shareef, Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting included discussions on mutual interests and potential areas for collaboration.

Before this, the Vice President visited the Parliament of Montenegro, where he met with H.E. Zdenka Popović, Vice-President of the Parliament. Popović acknowledged the Vice President’s parliamentary experience and congratulated him on his election. She affirmed the Montenegrin government’s commitment to fostering closer ties with the Maldives.

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