BML Announces Project to Upgrade the National Library

Bank of Maldives has announced the refurbishment and upgrading of the National Library as part of the series of 12 high impact monthly community initiatives to celebrate the Bank’s 40th anniversary in November 2022.

During an event held this morning, the Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Library of Maldives to upgrade the current facility. The MOU was signed by Mr. Timothy Sawyer, BML’s CEO and Managing Director and Mohamed Toriq, Minister of State Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage.  The event which was held at the National Library was attended by the BML’s Board of Directors and Executive Management.

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Under the project, the Bank will revamp the entire library including the main reading area, Kiyavathi discussion room, silent reading and research room as well as the Makers Space and the National Collection room. Existing facilities will be upgraded with new computer systems, audio and video booth for digitization and for the first time, a security system will be installed at the facility.

BML CEO Tim Sawyer commented “Libraries are a pivotal part of our communities. The National Library is an important space for education and creativity, and a great resource for people of all ages. As the national Bank, we are proud to take the initiative to carry out this significant development project that will see a refreshed national library. This is the second of our 40th anniversary initiatives which will see major projects implemented to benefit our community.” The Bank launched ‘BML Scholarship Fund’ as the first monthly initiative. The scholarship fund is aimed at developing young talented Maldives in the field of Banking and Finance and will fund international scholarships for three students.

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