BML Announces Special Lui Loans and Personal Financing Promotion

Bank of Maldives (BML) has announced a special promotion for customers applying for Lui Loan, BML Vehicle Loan, BML Islamic Personal Financing and BML Islamic Vehicle Financing.

Customer who apply for the loans and financing from 15th May until 30th June will be eligible to participate in the promotion. During the promotion period, customers will be able to receive the following prizes:

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• Grand prize: Tour package for 2 people including UAE, Egypt and Jordan (under this package, flight tickets, stay of 9 nights and meals are included)
• Gift card of MVR 10,000 for customers selected every week

Applications an be submitted for BML Express Loan and BML Islamic Personal Financing from MVR 20,000 to MVR 300,000. Up to MVR 25,000 can be submitted under Lui Micro and BML Islamic Personal Financing Micro.

Under BML Vehicle Loans and Vehicle Financing, applications can be applied for financing up to MVR 300,000 for the purchase of 2-wheeled vehicles. Applications for loans up to MVR 500,000 can be applied for 4-wheeled vehicles, jet skis and motor dinghies.

For more information, please visit

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