BML Announces Winners of Community Fund 2023

Bank of Maldives announced the 10 winning proposals for the first phase of its Community Fund for the year. 

The winning projects are: 

  • Skate Park – R. Dhuvaafaru, submitted by Dhuvaafaru Zuvaanunge Jamiyya 
  • Shaded waiting space for parents and children – Gn. Fuvahmulah, submitted by Dhadimagu Zuvaanunge Jamiyya 
  • Development of Olhamathaa Eco Park Phase 2  – G.Dh. Hoadedhoo, submitted by Hoadedhoo Sports 
  • Dhodhi picnic and camping area – B. Dharavandhoo, submitted by Dharavandhoo Ekuveri Zuvaanun
  • Development of Thinadhoo Kulhi – G.Dh. Thinadhoo, submitted by Huvadhoo Swimming Club 
  • Reading park at Mulak School – M. Mulak, submitted by Community Empowerment Linkage (CEL) 
  • Harbor waiting area – L. Kunahandhoo submitted by Kunahandhoo Island Nomination Group (KING)
  • Providing sports equipment to Nellaidhoo School – H.Dh. Nellaidhoo, submitted by Fato Sports Academy
  • Ocean education program – S. Hithadhoo, submitted by Maldives Manta Conservation Program 
  • Harbour waiting area and public restrooms – S. Feydhoo, submitted by Addu Eco Club
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The Community Fund is a program to empower NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. As of today, the Bank has provided financial assistance for 90 projects across the country through this Fund. 

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