BML Board Opens Applications for Three Director Positions

The Bank of Maldives (BML) is currently inviting applications for three director positions, reserved specifically for individuals elected by its general shareholders.

Interested applicants who fall within the age bracket of 30 to 70 years are encouraged to apply. The bank has set the application deadline for these directorial roles at 14:00 hrs on March 17. Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria are required to submit their application forms along with necessary documents. Applications can be made either in person at the bank’s head office on the 6th floor or sent via email to the bank’s secretary at

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The application form for the board of directors is available on the bank’s official website, providing a convenient access point for prospective candidates.

The board of directors at BML is composed of 11 members. Of these, eight are appointed by the government, while the remaining three are designated to represent the general shareholders. These three positions are filled by eligible shareholders.

Qualified individuals for the director position will have their names presented at the bank’s upcoming annual general meeting. The election of board members is set to occur through a voting process during this meeting, ensuring a democratic approach to the selection.

This development is a significant step for the Bank of Maldives, as it seeks to bolster its leadership team and continue its trajectory of strategic growth and service to its stakeholders.

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