BML Community Fund aided 5 islands

Bank Of Maldives (BML) Community Fund gave financial assistance to 5 islands.

BML community is consisted of NGO’s and some from society to provide financial help to operate islands in a more sustainable way.

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There are 5 projects organized for the 2nd quarter of 2019. These projects include developing a community park in B.Kihadhoo from Kihadhoo development society, providing glass bottles to the society of SH. Feydhoo from Feydhoo environment development society, building a shelter for students and parents of M.Kolhufushi to protect from sun rays from Kolhufushi Ekuveri Club, and to develop K.Gaafaru Sen classroom from Abubakuru Foundation.

BML stated it’s their aim to return back their profits back to the society.

BML public relation manager Mohammed Saeed stated that there has been 110 projects from previous years that have been successful. There has been an increase of projects going on in different parts of the Maldives in this year with the help of their fund that brings progress in the different societies of the Maldives.

The people who got selected in the first year of the community fund successfully completed their projects in 5 islands of the Maldives.

The event has been organized on each of the quarter of 2019. And the best proposals that BML community receive would be granted MVR 50, 000 for each project to be carried out.

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