BML Community Fund Supports Establishment of a Community Library in Fiyoaree

A community library has been established in G.Dh. Fiyoaree through the BML Community Fund. The project was carried out by local NGO, Fiyoaree Association for Community Empowerment (FACE).

The aim of the project is to motivate island residents to engage in reading and spend quality time outdoors with family. The community library was established as part of the children’s park on the island.

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Commenting on the project, Suruhan Mohamed, Vice President of FACE stated, “We have not had an outdoor space dedicated for families on the island. Our hope is that this space will not only be useful but will make a real difference to our community. Children coming to the park can now read outside and spend quality time with their families.”

The BML Community Fund is an initiative to empower NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects.

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