BML has Launched a Marketing Campaign Under the Name “Experience Maldives”

The National Bank of Maldives, BML has launched a new destination marketing campaign under the name, “Experience Maldives” to promote the tourism industry of Maldives.

This campaign was launched by the Minister of Tourism, Moosa Zameer, CEO and President of American Express (AMEX), Manoj Adlakha, Secretary General of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), Ahmed Nazeer and the CEO of Bank of Maldives (BML), Andrew Healy.

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Speaking at the launching ceremony held at Hotel Jen, Andrew stated this campaign was launched with the aim of promoting Maldives as an International destination. The associate partner of this campaign is American Express which has the highest rate of usage among the tourists that visit Maldives.

“There has been a lot of alterations taking place in the tourism industry of Maldives, with the introduction of various new products in to the market. These products should be promoted with the right marketing strategies and this new campaign will focus on marketing these products” Andrew stated.

According to Andrew, the main target of running this campaign is to increase the tourist arrivals in to the Maldives and make Maldives the number one destination among tourists. Andrew further stated this campaign targets on travelers through a global network. They believe that AMEX has a high number of customers globally, therefore, tourists who book through AMEX cards will be provided with special offers to book their holiday in Maldives.

Andrew further elaborated that Maldives is still not marketed adequately in the international market and a lot of work still has to be done to make this number one destination.

Andrew concluded by saying that BML would always encourage and provide all the support to authorities who are enthusiastic in promoting the number one industry of Maldives.

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