BML hosts corporate clients at special event “MALDIVES: A GREAT PLACE TO INVEST”

Bank of Maldives has hosted its corporate clients at a special event on tourism and the global real estate market. The event, titled “Maldives: A Great Place to Invest”, was held at Hotel Jen, and was the first in a series of seminars which will focus on themes of interest to corporates. Nihat Ercan, Executive Vice President at JLL Hotels and Hospitality Group Singapore, gave a keynote address. Nihat is an expert on tourism and hospitality real estate, and has conducted over USD 4.5 billion in hotel transactions across Europe, Asia and the Indian Ocean, including six major property transactions in the Maldives.

Leading members of the business community were treated to a presentation on the attractiveness of Maldives as an investment destination, and advice on how to leverage the country’s potential in the global real estate market. BML has recently restructured its Corporate Banking Division and expanded the level of service it provides to its corporate clients. BML’s Director of Corporate Banking, Kuldip Paliwal, who was appointed to the role earlier this year, briefed guests on the Bank’s new corporate banking services. Highlights include the introduction of dedicated Relationship Managers and structured business solutions provided by an experienced specialist team. He also emphasized that BML’s new approach would prioritize giving its corporate clients a high level of accessibility as well as first class products and services.

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Speaking at the event, BML CEO and MD Andrew Healy thanked the Bank’s customers for their business and commented “When most people think about Bank of Maldives, they probably don’t really think about us as a bank for large businesses. Yet we are supporting more corporates than ever before and we are ready and willing to do a lot more – that’s a very important and hopefully welcome message I’d like to convey tonight.”

With a nationwide network of 29 branches across all 20 atolls, 76 ATMs, 3,200 Point of Sale merchants, 177 cash agents, 14 Self Service Banking Centres and 5 Dhoni Banking Units, Bank of Maldives’ investment and presence far exceeds that of all other banks in the country combined. Bank of Maldives was recently honored by Capital Finance International with a prestigious award for the Most Innovative Banking Team in the Indian Ocean.

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