BML International Money Transfer Service Moved to Mobile Banking App

Bank of Maldives (BML) has moved its international money transfer service to their mobile banking application. This service is made available for the customers in the BML mobile pay app.

Customers will be able to transfer a maximum amount of USD 3000 once this service is made available in the Mobile Banking App. This transaction can be made through USD accounts and customers will be able to transfer money to international bank accounts at a small expense.

If customers are making a transaction between USD 50 and USD 500, they will be charged USD 5 for international money transfer. In addition to this, transactions between USD 500 and USD 1000 will be charged with USD 8, and transactions between USD 1000 and USD 3000 will be charged with USD 12.

BML has recently brought changes to their mobile application and now customers will be able to carry out services more conveniently.

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