BML Introduces New Card Designs, Printed on Recycled Material

Bank of Maldives has introduced its new range of cards, featuring designs inspired by the natural beauty of the Maldives and produced with recycled materials.

Bank of Maldives CEO and Managing Director Karl Stumke stated, “Featuring the unique, natural beauty of the Maldives is an opportunity for the Bank to help instil a sense of responsibility amongst our customers to protect the country’s beautiful yet fragile ecosystem for future generations. The new cards are also produced with recycled plastic, enforcing our commitment towards ensuring sustainability in our business practices. Not only are our cards great to look at, but they really are good for the planet too.”

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The photographs used in the new cards were captured by local photographers and feature a range of images that were inspired by the islands, from the spectacular ripples of bioluminescence to the intricate patterns of the coral. 

The new designs were introduced for the Bank’s Debit and Credit card range for Visa and Mastercard, and the Bank has started the rolling out of new cards today with its Visa Credit Gold card.   

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