BML marks World Cancer Day with donation & participation at sports festival

Bank of Maldives has marked World Cancer Day with a donation to the Cancer Society of Maldives (CSM). The donation was announced at a sports festival held today at Henveiru Stadium, which was organized jointly by CSM and national sports associations.

Today’s event, ‘#WeCanICan Support through Sport’, was open to the public and saw ten different sports activities take place simultaneously at the stadium. Each activity was convened by the respective national sports association, with a partnering organization sponsoring donations for each sport.

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WorldCancerDaySportsFestival6 WorldCancerDaySportsFestival4

Bank of Maldives sponsored table tennis, where professional table tennis players and members of the public both took part. The Bank made a contribution for each ball hit by participants, with all proceeds donated to CSM to support their cancer awareness programs. BML CEO and Managing Director Andrew Healy attended the event and joined CSM Chairperson Juwairiya Saeed for a table tennis rally.

Speaking at the event, Andrew said, “We are pleased to support this event to mark World Cancer Day. ‘Support through Sport’ is a very creative way of raising awareness about the importance of being active and adopting a healthy lifestyle. As part of our ‘Aharenge Bank’ campaign, we are stepping up our engagement with community organisations, and we are particularly pleased to support such a worthy cause as this.”

‘Aharenge Bank’ is a nationwide campaign that underlines the Bank’s commitment to, and bond with, the communities and people of Maldives

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