BML Small Grants Enable Sustainable Farming Practices in B. Kihaadhoo

The Bank of Maldives (BML) has announced the successful completion of a greenhouse and hydroponics project in B. Kihaadhoo, Maldives. The project, funded through the Bank’s Small Grants Fund, was executed by the Kihaadhoo Development Society (KIDS).

This initiative involved the establishment of four hydroponics systems featuring 180 slots each. This setup provides the capacity to cultivate over 700 plants simultaneously. Proceeds from the project will directly support the various activities of KIDS.

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To promote sustainable farming practices within the community, KIDS, in collaboration with the island’s Women’s Development Committee, conducted training sessions for interested locals. These sessions focused on raising awareness about hydroponics and other farming methods.

The BML Small Grants Fund was launched as part of the Bank’s 40th-anniversary celebrations. The fund aims to empower NGOs to undertake community-based projects that champion environmental causes and promote sustainable development across the Maldives.

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