BML Staff Support Community Activities in 6 Islands

BML staff organized various community activities in 6 islands to mark World Humanitarian Day. The activities were carried out in Sh. Funadhoo, N. Manadhoo, F. Nilandhoo, Th. Guraidhoo, GDh. Thinadhoo and Addu City.  

The activities carried out include: 

  • The public hut in Sh. Funadhoo harbor area was renovated and upgraded with new seating areas, lighting and furnishing.
  • N. Manadhoo eastern beach area was upgraded with 25 joali seating and swings for kids.
  • F. Nilandhoo branch staff developed the beach area by fixing new seating, dustbins and BBQ area as well as installing a new shower area for beach users.
  • Th. Guraidhoo branch staff renovated the Youth Center in the island by painting the exterior and interior walls and replacing all the lights. 
  • Gdh. Thinadhoo branch staff carried out painting works at the Thinadhoo Museum Park 
  • S. Hithadhoo branch staff, Gan Branch staff and BML Contact Centre Staff cleaned up and developed the Hankeda picnic area installing dustbins and public information signage.  
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These activities carried out by BML branch staff and volunteers were initiated to bring a positive change and contribute to the community. Earlier this year, BML staff organized similar activities to support local communities.

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