BML Supports Sustainable Agriculture through Startup Grant

Aishath Liusha’s Smart Agricultural Practices project in Laamu Gan gained significant traction, with the support from the Bank of Maldives (BML) Startup Grant, harmonising with the bank’s overarching commitment to community-driven initiatives.

The project introduces sustainable farming practices, incorporating solar-powered irrigation systems, machinery for compost-based fertiliser production, and cocopeat for cultivation enhancement.

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Liusha’s initiative expands beyond the field with a Mobile App designed to monitor agricultural production on a national scale, aiming to increase local agricultural output and ensure a robust yield in the nation.

The selection process for the BML Startup Grant was conducted in two stages. In the initial phase, business plans were evaluated to identify the ten most promising applicants. Subsequently, the chosen entrepreneurs presented their concepts before an evaluation committee.

The Bank of Maldives launched the Startup Grant Fund in January 2022 as part of its ongoing commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and community development. Positioned as the third in a series of 12 monthly community initiatives leading up to the Bank’s 40th-anniversary celebrations, the programme aims to support impactful projects.

In June 2022, BML announced the selection of four winners, including Aishath Liusha’s Smart Agricultural Practices project.

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