BML Supports the Development of a Reading Area in Maafushi

A reading area has been established in K. Maafushi under the BML’s Community Fund initiative. The project, ‘Foiy Gunzaru’ was carried out by New Star Sports Club with the aim of providing island residents and travelers a space to read and relax.   

Located in the island’s harbor area, the Foiy Gunzaru is equipped with benches outside and bean bags inside the premises; and has books suitable for all ages.  

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Commenting on the project, New Sports Club stated “Foiy Gunzaru will be a great spot for residents and tourists alike to meet, relax and read. As we currently do not have such a space for tourists, most tend to sit in the cafés nearby. With a wide range of books available, we hope everyone can expand their knowledge and make the most of their time at our space.”

The BML Community Fund is an initiative to empower individuals and NGOs to contribute to their communities through sustainable projects. As of today, the bank has provided financial assistance for 65 projects across the country through this fund. BML has supported 3 projects in Kaafa Atoll including projects in Gaafaru, Kaashidhoo and Maafushi. 

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