BML Urges Vigilance Amid Spike in Fraudulent Calls

Bank of Maldives (BML) has stated that complaints of fraudulent transactions through calls are on the rise again and urges the public to be vigilant and not to make any financial transactions with unidentified people.

In this regard, BML said that they have been informed of obtaining access to social media accounts of individuals, sending messages to their friends and obtaining money through this method. The fraudulent calls are being made in a very convincing way to mislead the customers under the name of the bank and other companies. The bank also noted that the OTP has been shared in such situations.

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In order not to allow such people to obtain funds through fraud, BML urges their customers to be extra cautious in their financial transactions. BML also advises their customers not to respond to any calls asking them to send money and also requests not to share their personal information, bank accounts, internet banking or card information, as well as OTP through phone calls under different names.

BML urges their customers to conduct financial transactions as safely as possible at this time.

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