BML’s Community Fund Supports the Development of AA. Atoll Education Centre Library

The library at the AA. Atoll Education Centre located in Rasdhoo has been developed with the support of the ‘Aharenge Bank Community Fund’, an initiative by Bank of Maldives (BML).

With the winning project proposal submitted by Ismail Shimaau, the library is now equipped with new book stands, furniture and a variety of new books. The newly opened library now has additional 1000 books with over 500 books from this collection provided as part of the Community Fund while the rest were received as gifts and donations.

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The winner of the project, Ismail Shimaau stated, “We have 235 students studying at the AA. Atoll Education Centre. However, the books in the library were outdated and though the library area was spacious, we were in need of books and furniture. I wanted to revamp the library and create an environment where children develop an interest to read. Hence, in addition to renewing the bookshelves, we procured new books and created an environment to relax and read.  I would like to thank Aishath Azleena for the continuous support throughout the project.  This is definitely a great gift to the students of this island”.

“BML selected this project in the area of Education as part of the Community Fund Project. With this project, we are able to revamp the library and provide books for students studying in AA. Atoll Education Centre ranging from LKG to grade 10. We hope that this is a sustainable project that will benefit the community,” stated BML’s Manager of Public Relations, Mohamed Saeed.

As part of Aharenge Bank Community Fund, BML has already supported 10 projects this year. Bank of Maldives will offer MVR 50,000 to fund additional 10 projects from the proposals received in the next phase.

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